Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One year on .....

I learned to laugh and squeal,
And sit and stand,
And I can walk now, if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun,
Lookout world, I've just turned one!

Meringue Kisses for my Birthday Missus...

I love birthdays....for the kids, not so keen on my own . But First Birthdays are Special. Its a nice occasion for family to get together and celebrate the little ones place in the world. 

We chose to celebrate by having her christened the same weekend. Yes, we love to party !!

Our little darling has been such a little joy to behold this last year and has given so much love and happiness to us all and especially her two gorgeous big brothers.

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Colette said...

Hi Patricia, just to let you know, my blog"Cakes, Bakes, and Other Bits" has moved house and is now on wordpress. http://katzwizkaz.wordpress.com. If you could change the link on your blogroll, I would be most grateful. Thanks.