Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lightning McQueen

My eldest boy turned 7 on St John's Day, June 24th, and I promised him a Lightning McQueen cake for his party. He is a big Disney Cars 2 fan , loves all the characters but of course Lightning is his real hero.

As the date of his party drew nearer, I, of course grew more and more anxious that I had aimed a little too high in my aspirations for a cake this time. The whole thing made me nervous and it was very scary carving out the shape as you only really get one chance at it. I was however consoled by the fact that my engineer hubby was on standby if things went pear-shaped.

Once the cake is carved, that's nearly half the battle. But battles like these shouldn't on reflection be fought into the early hours of the morning.  It turned out to be a joint battle into the early hours too as my hubs helped insert the window panes with his fine motor skills. I had suggested slapping them on over the fondant but he won his argument for a more professional looking McQueen.

 And I'm glad he did as the birthday boys face the next morning was priceless....although he did point out that we "missed a spot"...of course, the SPOILER???!!!.....Ha,Ha...a "Stickers" for detail , like his Dad.


AnneMarie said...

Wow Patricia. I'm very impressed. You must have been thrilled at not only the fab cake but your little boy's reaction.

Patricia's Patisserie said...

Thank you so much AnneMarie. Absolutely, that means more to me than anything ! It's very satisfying this cake business :)