Thursday, June 7, 2012

I did promise you chocolate, didnt I ?!

Its coming up to the weekend and I thought you might like a box of your favourites. If you are like me, at the age of social nights in , kids tucked up in bed, dog snoring happily by the sofa, you'll appreciate these to share with your beloved on friday night. I have even thrown in a few roses made by mine own fair hands!!!

I have been busy practising my sugarcraft this week so am keen to show off a little ...hopefully will have even more to show you in the next while.

These cute little chocolates, like all my recipes are again so simple. I feel a bit of a cheat actually as they are really just melted down chocolate. I spooned the chocolate onto greaseproof paper and let them set in the fridge for 10 mins after sprinkling them with prettiness.

Bon Soiree!!


AnneMarie said...

Roses look great. You must be very pleased with the results

Patricia's Patisserie said...

aww thank you AnneMarie...I was quite pleased with them as they look so pretty in the pink and chocolate. I dusted them too for extra sparkle!!

AnneMarie said...

You can never have too much sparkle.

Anonymous said...

They looks too good to eat! Bet they taste even better too... :)

Patricia's Patisserie said...

They didn't last long alright !:))